Grain drying equipment

The harvested grains and having high humidity content should be dried in order to make possible in order to be safely stored.

Basic conditions of a high performance dryer are: gently removal of the humidity, provides discharge air recycling, equipped with automatic control system, meets the requirements of small and large size industrial seed processing, to be suitable not only for grain cleaning but also for oil seed and pod seed drying. Efficient gas and electricity are usage.

Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd specializes in grain drying equipment. Our products price reasonable and quality assurance, which is your perfect choice. Welcome to inquire grain drying equipment!

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Brewer's Grain dryer

Brewer's dryer can quickly day wet brewer’s grain with moisture content around 85% to day brewer's grain with moisture content around 10%. Brewer’s grain drying machine has low costs, energy saving, reasonable technology, compact structure, easy installation, simple operation, wide application range, versatility and other characteristics, which is ideal drying equipment in feed industry.

Brewer’s grain drying machine or brewer’s grain dryer is widely used for drying and sterilization of fish meal, blood meal, bean dregs, brewer’s grain, sawdust, fruit residues, corn germ meal, animal waste and other wet materials with high moisture content.

Feed brewer’s grain into drying drum of brewer’s grain dryer machine, and tube body has multiple arranged spiral shaped lifting board on its inner wall, so the rotating of tube body can lead lifting board to lift wet material repeatedly. The hit device on inner tube wall can prevent material from bonding tube wall and lifting board. Lifting material fully contacts with heat stream introduced by induced draught system, and accelerates drying, heat transfer and evaporation moisture. Finally, complete the drying process and discharge dried materials through discharging mouth of brewer’s grain dryer machine.

1. The brewer’s grain dryer machine has high mechanical degree, large production capacity, continuous operation and other advantages.
2. The brewer’s grain drying machine has excellent and simple structure, smoothly running when materials pass through the cylinder, and ease operation.
3. The brewer’s grain dryer has less equipment failure, low maintenance cost and low power consumption.
4. Drying uniformity of product is good.
5. Material after being dried is with no smell.

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Mobile maize dryer development

Maize has been one of the major cash crops of Thailand. About 65-70 per cent of the 4-5 million tons annual production has been exported to other Asian countries. The remaining produce was utilised by the domestic feed industry. Maize production is increasing due to the utilisation of hybrid seed and high market demand from the feed industry.

Harvesting of maize is usually done in two periods: July to October and December to January. Wet maize harvesting and storage practiced commonly in the first period has posed serious problems especially due to the high incidence of aflatoxin. There is an urgent need for improvements in both on-farm handling practices, and cooperative/collector drying. Traditionally farmers shell their maize at the time of selling to cooperative/collector. It is also a critical time for drying shelled maize to avoid hazards associated with microorganism development. Recommendations have been issued to dry freshly shelled maize to safe moisture content, within a 24-48 hour period.

Considering numbers of advantage of local drying at farm and cooperative/collector levels such as:

Excessive moisture reduction at selling to collector, end user or exporter can be avoided. Additional income generated from selling maize at 14-15 per cent moisture content instead of at 18-20 per cent considerable.

Storage losses are quantity and quality as well as cost incurred in storage can also be reduced.

The possibility of long-term storage is enhanced. Maize prices are generally higher towards the end of the harvesting period especially during the off-season period.
High quality maize in terms reduced of aflatoxin content will command better prices or premiums from the feed industry.
Transportation costs from production area to silo complexes are lower due to lighter weight of dry maize.

From these advantages various types of mobile dryers have been tested/developed. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to talking with you.

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S-Press-Dewatering Screw Press

The S-Press-dewatering screw press is compact and offers high throughput, continuous-operation designed for dewatering a wide range of food and other solids. Materials that tend to pack, or are otherwise considered un-pressable and are not a challenge for the S-Press. With three points of separation, this screw press dehydrator will maximize output and recovery. The S-Press dewatering screw press is a process specific machine that offers:

High-capacity, sanitary press for continuous dewatering and juicing of food and fiber products. Independently driven rotor and regulated cone section provides instantaneous pressure regulation to give just the right squeeze to the material.
Split-screen basket and two-piece screen design allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The S-Press is just one technology we employ to develop an industrial process system that meets your application requirements. As a leading dewatering screw press manufacturer, we are committed to developing the best food processing equipment with the right technology. Between our proven material processing equipment and decades of experience serving the industrial process market, we are able to design a system that is best for you.
Using Range Of Feed Dryer

Preferred feed machinery for livestock husbandry is widely used in pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, rabbits, fish, livestock and fish feed particles.

Herbivores more and more attract consumers and farmers of all ages, with herbivores warming. Cattle and sheep in the proportion of animals are gradually rising and pasture and silage processing need machinery, herbivores need to feed by grass and straw. The potential of this part of machinery is incalculable. Such as corn stalks, bean straw, wheat straw, rice straw, flower seedlings (shell) sweet potato seedlings, alfalfa, rape straw and other feed materials of biological origin is wide. After made to grains, it’s density and high-capacity conducive to long-distance transport, that digestion and other places to achieve the crop straw utilization, so that value-added and make agricultural development of straw to protect the environment. Straw biological feed processing technology is the straw through the crushing, fermentation, grain, softened lignin and other technical measures. Degrade crude protein, crude fiber, crude fat and other things to the material easily digested and absorbed into by livestock, the average level of crude protein, amino acids would increase 40.6% to 95.8%, fermented with a host cell protein arginine, levels of cystine, histidine sugar and fat content increased. And generates BDE and other vitamins and growth factors, and other materials mixed into the feed preparation suppress grain prices. Reduced food inputs, saving feed costs, increase farmer’s income.

Feed dryer (reference advanced technology machinery of feed from home and abroad, feed dryer) dedicated straw feed processing equipment. Low noise, low failure, continuous production of anti-overload can’t card machine. The key components roller and templates select the high quality anti-fatigue resistant alloys. The manufacturing processes of vacuum heat treatment furnace come from German, service life extended about 57 times. Dry ingredients suppress out the dry particles. No need for dry, granule dense, smooth, improve the processing of nutritional value and digestibility, starch coagulation protein denaturation. Feed quality can be guaranteed to long-term storage.

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Bean dregs drying machine

Bean dregs drying machine mechanical structure and working principle:
Bean dregs drying machine consists of the heat source, feeding machine, rotary drum, discharging machine, induced draft fan, discharge devices, and distribution cabinet.

The wet material is put into the drying machine after dehydration.

The material can disperse evenly and contact fully with the hot air in the drying machine through the stirring of the plate which is in the roller.

Thus quicken the speed of drying, heat transferring and mass transferring.

In the process of drying, the material can be sent out by the star unloading valve which is in the other end of the drying machine under the action of the gradient plate and the hot mass.

The technological and all equipments' parameter, structure of the production line are being careful analysis and verified by the experiment of drying the bean dregs. We fully take into account the large moisture content, high protein levels, big viscous and adopted a series of unique original technology to solve these problems to ensure a perfect drying results.

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Why choose Zhengzhou Dingli company Grain Dryer?

Minimise non-drying time:
Loading time and unloading time is dead time when using a dryer, Dingli company grain dryers have high capacity loading augers, recirculating augers and unloading augers, reducing non-drying time and increasing throughput.

Air flow through the grain:
The more air you can blow through grain the more quickly grain will dry and cool, Dingli company dryers have high capacity fans in relation to the size of the dryer which speeds up drying and cooling decreasing batch time and increasing throughput.

Heating the grain:
Larger burners attain the drying temperatures more quickly and maintain more consistant drying temperature, decreasing drying time and increasing throughput.

Size of the drying zone:
The size of the plenum chamber in a grain dryer dictates the amount of grain that is being dried at any one time. The holding capacity of a grain dryer is irrelevant to the drying capacity, the larger the plenum area and the higher drying capacity.

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